Sunday, November 8, 2009

Doctor Who:: Victimsight - Review

Doctor Who:: Victimsight is an admirably well made fan film. I found the Doctor, played by Graham Steeksma, quite charming with his unique set of endearing quirks. His companion in this film, Anna Thoms, played by Aurora Buchanan, is engaging and leaves you relating to her. Being able to relate to the characters is a good quality in any film. The Doctor and Anna have a chemistry that is pleasant to see, and it just works. You don't often find that in fan films.

The plot is well fleshed out and easy to follow. A nice bit of suspense keeps you watching. I have to say the bad guys must be particularly applauded for helping bring Victimsight to life. Jay Danziger as John Wells should be noted for his acting skills which I would put on a par with some professional and well known names in Hollywood. Veronica Smith played by Andrea Brown also does a good job of crafting a believable version of her character. Even the characters with more minor roles in the film deserve recognition for their valuable additions to Victimsight.

The special effects were also pretty good, making it more realistic and easier to get into. It was fairly easy to get lost in the film already, thanks to the great plot, writing, directing, and the actors.

This film is enjoyable, appealing, and fun to watch.

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